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Hummingbird Plants

of the Southwest 

by Marcy Scott 

Rio Nuevo Publishers, 344 pages,

ISBN: 978-1-940322-03-2

Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest 

is a jam-packed compendium of detailed information about native plants that are particularly important to southwestern hummingbirds – from southern California to west Texas and northern Mexico.  The 120 plant profiles feature full page flower photos, a discussion of the plant’s special importance to hummingbirds, in-depth info on range, preferred habitat, and appearance, and cultivation requirements.  The 14 hummingbird profiles each detail the bird’s range and migratory habits, plants important to breeding habitat, and nectar plants used by season.  Also included are chapters on hummingbird life history and plant pollination, how to create hummingbird habitat, and tips on gardening in the Southwest.  Hummingbird fanciers both casual and extreme should find much to enjoy!

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