Hummingbird Plants

of the Southwest 

by Marcy Scott 

Rio Nuevo Publishers, 344 pages,

ISBN: 978-1-940322-03-2

Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest 

is a jam-packed compendium of detailed information about native plants that are particularly important to southwestern hummingbirds – from southern California to west Texas and northern Mexico.  The 120 plant profiles feature full page flower photos, a discussion of the plant’s special importance to hummingbirds, in-depth info on range, preferred habitat, and appearance, and cultivation requirements.  The 14 hummingbird profiles each detail the bird’s range and migratory habits, plants important to breeding habitat, and nectar plants used by season.  Also included are chapters on hummingbird life history and plant pollination, how to create hummingbird habitat, and tips on gardening in the Southwest.  Hummingbird fanciers both casual and extreme should find much to enjoy!

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Selections from editorial reviews:


Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest by Marcy Scott (Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2015) appealingly and practically explains how to entice these delightful birds with nectar-filled plants that thrive in the arid Southwest and with design tips for creating appropriate habitat…Whether you’re primarily a birder or a gardener, the book is guaranteed to make you more appreciative of hummingbirds and aware of how our gardening practices (or lack thereof) impact these vulnerable little travelers.--Digging, a blog by Pam Penick


For Southwest habitat gardeners, especially gardens focused on pollinators, this book is an excellent resource for attracting hummingbirds…The photographs are superb; the author's writing style is colorful; and the layout of the book is very pleasing. The book encourages the reader to become an armchair field biologist, vicariously observing the foraging hummingbirds defend their territories, construct their nests, and pass between their winter and summer homes. --Karen LeMay, Founder of Pollinator Corridors Southwest; Arizona Native Plant Society


Scott uses skill, humor, and information to help us recognize the loss of habitat that can be attributed to our kind, and gently urges us to do our own little part to reverse some of the bad. --Renee West, Newsletter of the Native Plant Society of New Mexico 


Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest by Marcy Scott (Rio Nuevo Publishers; 2015) is well-written, thoroughly researched and chock full of sumptuous photos. It’s a delightful, informative read with a convenient layout of facing pages for each species, which would make it a useful guidebook.--Pamela Wolken, Los Angeles Arboretum Library volunteer


Exceptional, practical, informed informative, and thoroughly user friendly, [this book] is profusely and beautifully illustrated in full color. An ideal introduction and guide, Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest is very highly recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library...collections. --Margaret Lane, Midwest Book Review 


Bird lovers in the hummingbird-rich Southwest finally have their own comprehensive guide to creating nectar gardens for these living jewels. --Sheri L. Williamson, author of A Field Guide to Hummingbirds of North America 


[This] is a great reference book as well as a guide to setting up your hummingbird habitat. Recommended if you wish to attract hummingbirds. --Southern Arizona Guide 


You get a bouquet of books rolled into one when you pick this one up...Indeed, the whole thing, from photos, to species profiles, to the glossary, to the appendix on ways to help a natural history masterpiece. --Mark Pendleton, Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost


Few books have been written to help those wanting to attract hummers to their Southwest gardens. This book is a welcome addition and is the most in-depth look at plant opportunities yet published.... Whether you are a gardener or hummingbird lover (or maybe both!), this book should be in your library. --H. Ross Hawkins, The Hummingbird Connection